March 11th, 2008

teru teru

In which I read a ton of paranormals...

Not including text for all the Liu's I read, or else this would be super long.

  1. Singh, Nalini - Visions of Heat
    Faith NightStar (this is a PsyClan name, not a pretendian one, I think) is one of the world's top F-Psy; she forecasts business trends with unerring accuracy and can even be prompted by triggers, further upping her value. But lately, she's been getting visions of horrible violence, disturbing because the Silence has supposedly wiped emotion from all of the Psy. She ends up getting help from a leopard Changeling clan, though she's instantly attracted to a jaguar Changeling, Vaughn. (more)

  2. Manning, Frankie, with Cynthia Millman - Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop
    So, for those interested in lindy hop history, the second and last sections were the most interesting for me. There's not much sociological analysis, but as a first-hand narrative, we probably aren't going to get anything better, given that Shorty Snowden and Whitey White passed away a while ago (Norma Miller! Write a biography?). For those interested in show business, I suspect the other sections will be much more interesting. (more)

  3. Liu, Marjorie M. - Tiger Eye
    "If you did not bring me here to kill or fight, then I was summoned to pleasure your body." He looked like he would rather impale himself face-first on a bed of nails. (more)

  4. Liu, Marjorie M. - Shadow Touch (more)

  5. Morrison, Toni - Beloved
    I wish I had more to say about this book -- I felt like I missed tons while reading it, as it is not a good book to read when one's brain is not working, like mine. (more)

  6. Liu, Marjorie M. - The Red Heart of Jade (more)

  7. Singh, Nalini - Caressed by Ice
    I probably won't continue with the Psy-Changeling series after this; the prose is just too clunky and the characterization isn't good enough to catch my interest. (more)

  8. Liu, Marjorie M. - Eye of Heaven (more)

  9. Liu, Marjorie M. - Soul Song (more)