Writers of Color 50 Book Challenge

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Is there a running list somewhere of POC authors?


How can you tell if an author is a POC?

Just a thought that some people might be having that would be good for a FAQ.

I would be tempted to point people to http://www.letmegooglethatforyou.com in response. :p

But for a more serious answer, in addition to just googling it, Wikipedia is a good source. Type in the author's name and their bio will usually mention it. There are also categories for Asian authors, African-American authors, etc.

*hangs head in shame* I will go back & tag my mega-catch-up post sometime soon-ish (running off to work), eek!

Hahaha! I was toying with tagging that one "booklist" and being done with it. (Feel free to use that option yourself, if you want.)

BTW, it's nice to see you back. :-)

Maybe add that it's best not to wait until you have 50 (or some other large number greater than, say, ten) reviews and post them all at once? I mean, if you want any of them to be read. That's a definite tl;dr, at least for me.

Although my head is hurting from days of reading linkspammage, so I might just be a bit grumpy right now.

Do comics count? And do they count if only the writer or the artist is a POC?

Comics count, yes. And they count if only the writer is POC.

I'm talking to the other mods to see if they count if only the illustrator is POC.

What's the policy on re-reads?

Re-reads are perfectly fine.

What should we do with non-English language books? Especially ones that might not be available in translation?

Review them! Rec them! Create a pixel-trail of English-language interest for them!

More seriously, the mod team would like this comm to be less U.S.-centric, and more international in scope. So, please do feel free to rec and review books that are not yet available in English. Also, if you wish to do a bilingual (or even wholly non-English) post about a book, please do feel welcome to do so.

I can't remember whether it's been decided that web comics are acceptable here

because I'm a big fan of Alina Pete's Moosehead Stew. Alina is a Cree from Saskatchewan, and Moosehead Stew is essentially a blog in webcomic form. She addresses issues pertinent to PoC in that blog from time to time, and it's an all-around fun read. Alina also writes the gaming comic Weregeek, and she's produced two volumes of the collected Weregeek strips.

Re: I can't remember whether it's been decided that web comics are acceptable here

Sorry for the long delay in getting you an answer. Two of three mods say that webcomics are okay; the third mod is AWOL. Go for it.

So, stupid question time, would a Jewish author count as a PoC? What about an Argentinian?

There was a long discussion about Jewish authors: the summary is that some, but not all, Jews are white. For more nuance on that, definitely check out the comments. Suggestions; more suggestions.

Most countries in the Americas, much like the U.S.A, are not racially homogenous. According to Wikipedia:
86.4% of Argentina's population self-identify as European descent. An estimated 8% of the population is mestizo. A further 4% of Argentines were of Arab or East Asian heritage. In the last national census, based on self-identification, 600,000 Argentines (1.6%) declared to be Amerindians.
You'd have to know the author's racial self-identity to be able to answer whether the author qualified for the comm.

Also: the PoC in question, do they have to live in first world country?

I just posted for the first time and haven't been able to tag my entry. I keep getting this message:

This would make you exceed your maximum of 1000 tags. Please remove some and try again.

Can anyone help?

Thanks. You should be able to add tags now -- let me know if you've still got problems.

Are we considering white translators as "w-a:", or should there be a "w-t:" (and a "t:") tag format as well?

Kind of related, I have a question about English translations (all by white people) of a classic Japanese book that I'd like to ask for opinions on (I don't know which one to pick). Is that an appropriate question for this community?

I think it would be helpful to update the tagging information, since it seems like the tag limit has been hit (I take it we need to include additional tags in the entries themselves now?), and a link to the Delicious account is kind of hard to find (I think it would also be helpful to link to the Delicious account in the community profile as well as the FAQ).

I've been thinking of the tagging situtation as "temporary", but "long-term transition" is probably more accurate -- and you're quite right, that does warrant being updated here. And thanks for the suggestion for additional delicious links. We're at the point where we can start asking for help with the tag-porting, so I'll do a post when I update the FAQ.

Re "additional tags" in the post body: the long-term plan is to permit a finer level of race/nationality/ethnicity/geography tags than LJ's tag limit can support. I've been sticking the info related to that finer level of tagging in my post bodies for Native American authors: it can be hard, sometimes, to re-research someone's tribal affiliation, and there's really no way to support tribal designations in LJ's tags.

Hey there, I look forward to starting this challenge :). I was just wondering if you could change the tag for 'aborigine' to 'aboriginal'? Aborigine, although technically neutral, has actually become quite a pejorative term to some Aboriginal australians due to its use historically. If it's too complicated, I can tag entries as 'indigenous australian' which I see is also there. Thanks.

1) Welcome! Always happy to have a new participant! :-)

2) Done! And thanks for the info.

Eep! I thought I was being helpful by going back and adding tags to old posts I read (as suggested here), but then I hit the posts about how you're trying to tag things on Delicious instead. If you don't want more people to mess up what you're doing, that information should really, really be here in the FAQ. New people have no way to know.

I apologize for adding to your tag woes. I would love to make up for it by doing some Delicious tags if you're still looking for volunteers to do that?

And thank you for providing and maintaining this community. I'm sure it's a lot of work.

In my head, I thought the transition would be fast enough that I wouldn't need to rewrite the tag part of the faq for the transitional period. FALSELY ROSY PROJECTIONS OF THE FUTURE.

Anyway, thank you, yes, I need to rewrite that, especially since we seem to be in a holding pattern right now with respect to tags.

And I am thrilled to have another volunteer -- let me check to see if it makes more sense to have you do some stuff now, or in the next phase. Is that okay?

About what counts as a book. I've got Classic Slave Narratives which is four autobios (actually five, but one was initially published as a postscript to one of the other four and is also about two pages long) in one book binding. It counts as four books, yes?

Your choice. Some count omnibus volumes as a single volume; others count them by the original number of volumes.

Reading the community for suggestions

Last year I joined the POC Reading Challenge, which is celebrating both authors and characters of colour. Of course, this is different than your community which is focusing only on writers.

However, it does seem an active community and a way for me to gain some good recommendations of books.

My question is if I am not going to do anywhere near 50 books in a year, would it be useful for me to share my reviews here - though obviously only those by writers of colour.

Re: Reading the community for suggestions

Please do share your reviews! Many people (some who are doing the challenge, some of whom aren't) use this comm as a source for suggestions or recommendations -- the more book reviews, the merrier.

In the community profile, we explicitly say that you don't need to participate in the challenge to participate in the community, but it seems I neglected to put that info in the FAQ...

Retroactively not "counting" an author and book

Based on the discussion in one of the "who counts?" posts, (http://community.livejournal.com/50books_poc/213467.html), I've decided to take an author and book off my list. What's the policy? Delete the entry and let you, the mods, know (for tagging, etc.)? Keep the entry but make a note that the book and author are not being counted, also informing you? I know at least one other person has counted the author poc (based on tags). My post is here: http://community.livejournal.com/50books_poc/25390.html.

Re: Retroactively not "counting" an author and book

Sorry for the delay; we were discussing!

We see the same two options you laid out: delete the entry, or add an ETA that you've decided not to count the author and why. We'll leave that to the individual poster's choice -- there are decent reasons for choosing to go either way.

If you decide to delete, tell us, so that we can delete the delicious entry. We don't *need* to know if you decide to do an ETA, but we would like to know. If you choose to edit instead of delete, add a "who's poc" tag to signal that another piece of the discussion is there on that post in the ETA.

Am I allowed to have a list at the end and just link to each book/each of my reviews on Goodreads? Or do I have to post thoughts on here?

You can post lists with links, if you please. Or even lists without links, if you please -- there is no "and then discuss" requirement.

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